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A growing number of Britons are taking on flexible jobs to bolster their personal finances. Some are carrying out ad hoc work alongside their permanent jobs, while others are building a portfolio of flexible roles.

Fast growing RedWigWam has just signed up its 100,000th worker to go with the 2,500 employers who use the company’s online recruitment platform to find the workers it needs.

The company says the vast majority of people looking for flexible temporary work includes students looking to earn extra money or supercharge their CV, parents looking to get back into work and retired people who don’t want to stop work yet and need to top up their pensions.

Recent RedWigWam jobs have included:

  • Bar and waiting-on work on match days at a number of football grounds.
  • Visiting a leading supermarket to check that a new brand of beer is on shelf, taking a photograph of it and then buying the products.
  • Being paid to buy £40 of soft drinks from a wholesale store and reporting back on stock availability.
  • Checking that a new brand of soups is properly aligned on the shelves of a mainstream supermarket.
  • Going into a famous fashion store to try on an outfit then reporting back on the sales performance and service quality.
  • Being paid to taste test everything from a new brand of ice-cream and the latest pizzas to reviewing a range of baby foods.
Lorna Davidson

Entrepreneur Lorna Davidson (pictured) founder and CEO of RedWigWam, which is disrupting the recruitment sector, said: “Our flexible workers love our jobs and they are regularly snapped up within seconds of us posting them up.

“They love being matched with jobs based on their interest, skills and their available time and also that they get paid quickly, as we offer daily pay options.

“Some of our jobs take as little as 15 minutes to complete meaning they are perfect for people looking for additional work to bolster their income and which fits around their lifestyle.

“Lots of our WigWammers use us to help save for nice things like holidays and nights out, to help with personal finances or to pay off debts or to top up their pensions.”

The company has over 100,000 people on its books aged between 16 and 90. It is the first business in the UK to pay its workers within 24 hours.

All temporary staff are treated with the same rights as full-time staff with access to holiday pay, sick pay and make their NICs and pay taxes where appropriate.

Case study

Mother-of-one Francesca Henry, 29, from Gloucester signed up to RedWigWam when she was looking for flexible temporary part-time work to fit around looking after her daughter.

She juggles a part-time office job with a series of temporary jobs including online surveys and mystery shopping to earn up to an extra £260 per week.

Francesca Henry

Francesca says: “I signed up with RedWigWam because I liked the idea that I could make some extra money by becoming a Mystery Shopper for them or getting some part-time work. The more income streams you have the better.

“I’m looking for little part-time jobs or market research work where you have to go in to a shop and take photographs of product displays and report back.

“When I get a mystery shopper job from them my daughter loves coming along with me. I tell her we are being detectives, which she thinks is great fun.

“I love being able to work in this way to bring in some extra cash and so do lots of people I know in their twenties and thirties, especially parents with young children.”

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