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OutNewsGlobal’s Steven Smith poses ten questions to the 23-year-old trans singer Su I Think, who is taking the UK music scene by storm. Read on…you’ll love her!

1. What are your early musical influences?

My early musical influences come from the wide variety of music that was often played in my childhood home. When friends came over, they would often comment that there was always music playing which made me feel proud. My dad would play bands like Pulp and the Beatles. I preferred Beverly Knight or Acid House. My siblings and I just absorbed all the sounds and enjoyed the music, for sure, it is reflected in my music. But I just love all types from 70’s T-Rex, and since Dad used to play her in the car, I cannot resist a bit of Dolly Parton. 

2. We love the single “Time”. What made you want to film in a river wearing fishing gear?

Oh, we just drove around in Essex and found a river. With the Time video, I really wanted to play a narrative of dancing with someone but essentially dancing alone. It was a metaphor for being so connected yet so separate within relationships. That’s why I used the face blur, haha. I don’t actually know what prompted the fishing gear idea; I just thought it would be hilarious and fun to do. I work closely with director Charles Maddocks to ensure we make visuals with appetising storylines that are light-hearted and metaphoric!

3. When are you happy?

When it’s the morning, I am honestly someone who wakes full of life, and I am never happier than I am in the morning, even if I have been performing until late or partied the night away. I am up at dawn. My flatmate and I got in late the other weekend and were up early and mowing the lawn. 

4. What has been the reaction to you playing live around the UK?

Playing live around the UK is always such a blessing; sometimes you’re going to cities where they know who you are, and sometimes you’re going to play to crowds who have no idea what you do. Both are so inspiring to me! One is like seeing an old friend, and the other is like making new ones. I just feel so privileged to be able to go to different spaces and feel listened to and heard. My look does turn heads sometimes.

5. What is the most common misconception about you?

That I’m Cheryl Cole. 

6. You identify as a trans woman, but the title you use is “Su I Think”. Is there ever any doubt about the journey you have taken?

Navigating the world as any type of group that isn’t a straight white man is a difficult feat that can cause self-deprecation. I have an undeniable will to live, and I think that is something I really want to do; I want to get old and have something to say. We’re all trying to get by.

7. Do you feel trans people are treated fairly in the UK?

Trans people always deserve more; we all need to do better! I went to protest the conversion therapy ban against gay kids not including trans.

8. Who would your ideal date be with?

Get me in a room with the music producer Jack Antonoff. We would go to have a lovely vegan meal and chat about life. 

9. Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

I hope in ten years I feel more peace. I hope to achieve with my music and to feel content with what I did in my 20s. I want to have no regrets. I don’t know how easy that will be, but we can live, I hope.

10. You loved musical theatre as a young girl. What are your favourite musicals? And what would the musical of your life be called? Who would play you?

My favourite musical is Legally Blonde; it’s SO underrated! The soundtrack is unmatched, I think. Oh gosh, I think the musical of my life would be called “Trying”. I just feel that Olivia Coleman playing me would be quite good, I reckon.

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