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OutNewsGlobal’s Chief correspondent, Steven Smith gives us his verdict on “Unbreakable”.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I know what you are thinking; “that’s just what we need, yet another reality show”. But trust me, we need this exciting and diverse show, “Unbreakable”. I guarantee you will be hooked ten minutes into this little gem! You will cry with laughter, have your hankies out in places and cover your eyes in others, as six celebrity couples battle to show that their relationships are unbreakable.

Truly, during the first five minutes you can be forgiven for thinking this is another “Celebrity get me out of here” show, whilst reaching for the remote. However, when the couples start to work together to prove they are unbreakable, you very quickly become addicted to this charming and moving new hit. 

Celebrity Couple, Actress and presenter Denise Welch and Artist Lincoln Townley

Actress and presenter Denise Welch kicks off the proceedings with husband, Artist Lincoln Townley. Townley brings us a little Victor Meldrew from “One Foot in the Grave”, marked with laddish humour that makes you instantly like him. Whilst Welch (who never fails to entertain) tells us Lincoln is seen as her toy boy by the press, you cannot help but feel that he is the more mature one, as he sits in despair, holding only her shoe, with Welch missing underwater. It is horrible to laugh at someone who may have drowned, but the tasks set have you not only in stitches, but also peeking at the screen through your fingers. Welch, despite her complaints, grabs her tasks with both hands and does not give up, like the professional she is known to be. If the LGBTQ community did not love her enough, you will fall for her a little more watching this.

What makes “Unbreakable” so unique is that it examines a diverse group of couples. Simon Weston OBE is a true star in the show. The Falklands veteran talks about being a man’s man who played Rugby and was a soldier and not someone who ‘does feelings’. Yet his sensitivity, which unfolds throughout the programme with his wife Lucy, is not only moving but it had me in tears. Weston’s story alone is worth watching the show. Weston is at home with all the other contestants. 

Will comedian Stephen Bailey and partner, Taylor prove they are Unbreakable?

Gay couple, comedian Stephen Bailey and his partner Taylor are both delightful, sweet and a credit to the community. They do not break stereotypes, but they bring a lot of humour to the project and you want them to be your friends. 

Shanaze Reade and her beau, event’s organiser Teddy Edwardes are an adorable, attractive female couple, and will do much for the LGBTQ cause, as they work together and protect one another.

The unexpected fun comes from businessman Charlie Mullins OBE and his partner of eight months, singer RaRa. They are captivating. Mullins is, if possible, the villain of the show with a strong competitive streak. In comparison, the bubbly RaRa just looks really pleased to be there and oozes with excitement every time she can, whether she is belting out one of her soon to be Nashville hits to her fellow celebrity diners, 

or pacifying Mullins, whom she describes as her soul mate. Charlie is fascinating to watch. He is a cross between Rod Stewart and Freddie Starr. I have a feeling he is going to be marmite though; either you will lap him up or hate him. For me it was the former.

Unlike other reality shows they are not judged by an evil Jason Gardiner or under the scrutiny of Simon Cowell. Instead, two relationship experts, Maria McErlane and Anjula Mutanda, guide the contestants through the tasks with advice. 

In any case, this is a show you should not miss. It will certainly have you questioning whether your relationship, should you be in one, is unbreakable.

Unbreakable starts on Thursday, October 6 at 8pm on BBC One.

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