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If this beastly pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to count our blessings and appreciate the little things in life. For months we were denied the flummeries of nights out, foreign holidays and unnecessary shopping trips, forcing us to find happiness in the everyday.

In his typical trademark style, Lots Holloway’s new single Makes Me Happy not only encapsulates this unusual zeitgeist, but also blends his knack for the catchy with a deliciously chilled, reggae-infused summer vibe.

Photographer – Rio Carciero @riocarciero

Speaking exclusively to OutNewsGlobal, Holloway explains, “The tune is all about living in the moment, being happy and being present – we often wish away days and we frequently focus so much energy on things that don’t bring us real joy.

“This song is a reminder that every insignificant moment can bring a significant amount of happiness, if you’ve got the right perspective. We don’t buy happiness, we make it”

Makes Me Happy is one of those tracks that will make you happy and, goodness knows, we all need something to give us a lift in these most disquieting of times.

While a three minute pop song is not going to find a vaccine for Covid or set the economy back on track, it will make you feel better about life and, for this reason alone, we love it.

Stream Makes Me Happy RIGHT HERE!

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