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DRUMROLL PUH-LEAZE! Hot on the heels of his intimate tête-à-tête with disco punk four-piece Bugeye, Rob Harkavy’s back with his review of the band’s latest release, Electric.

In an age of autotune, soft-porn music videos and the Cowellification of much of the music industry, we at OutNews Global like to champion proper musicians. In other words, we’re big fans of people who write and perform their own stuff. And let me tell you, Angela, Paula, Kerrie and Grace – aka Bugeye – are most definitely proper musicians.

Skin work

The latest offering from the disco punk four-piece delivers three minutes of pure energy with edgy vocals, a hook to die for and a tune that excites and satisfies in equal measure. Singers and lead guitarists won’t thank me for saying so, but the unsung heroes of any band are the bassist and the drummer. If a band were a building, they’re the foundations, and if they’re even slightly out, the whole kit and caboodle can come crashing down. No such worries here: tight never-miss-a-beat skin work plus a driving bass line help deliver a track that manages to be both slick and delightfully dangerous.

Comparisons with bands of yore are inevitable and while Blondie springs to mind, Angela’s vocals reminded me immediately of The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs – herself reportedly inspired by those heroes of American punk, The Ramones and Patti Smith. This, I believe, is the natural lineage of Bugeye and that is no bad thing.

Bugeye party

I readily admit that I’ve come late to the Bugeye party but now I’ve arrived I’ve got no plans to leave. We need more successful all-woman line-ups (and I’m not counting “girl bands” who, of course, still have a place in the rock and pop universe) and bands like Bugeye deserve all the success they can get.

Get Electric here.


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