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Number crunching boffins have been looking into the most successful hairstyles on dating apps like Hinge and Tinder from high ponytails to messy buns and big bouncy blow dries. After many late nights crunching the numbers, we can reveal the hairstyles that will get you the most right swipes.

Since Euro 2020 and the rise of England heart throb Jack Grealish’s popularity, it seems men with his signature ‘curtains’ hairstyle are getting all the luck on dating apps, gaining 52 average monthly matches on dating apps – which is the highest of any hairstyle. 

So guys, it’s time to throw out the clippers and let your luscious locks grow!

Waleed Taleb, a hair transplant and aesthetics specialist at Vera Clinic said: “We’ve seen an increase in men coming into the clinic asking for “Jack Grealish-style curtains” and wanting hair transplants to achieve the look. It seems his appearance in the Euros has started a hair revolution!”

In second place is the standard short back and sides, with 48 average matches per month. This is also the most popular hairstyle with 654 out of 2048 surveyed sporting it!

In third place comes the controversial and, some might say, slightly creepy man bun. with an average of 44 matches per month. 

The least successful hairstyle for men on dating apps was a combover (you don’t say), with 12 matches on average in the month of July, followed by a spiky hair-do, with 14 matches on average.

Get all the exciting hair data here!

Hairstyle in main pictureNumber of people with this hair styleAverage matches per capita in the past month
Bald 15426
Buzz cut43335
Man Bun13144
Slicked Back9822
Standard short back and sides65448
Shoulder length8632
Ponytail 2122

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