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To celebrate the end of Pride month, the QueerAllYear campaign and the return of visibility for LGBTQ+ brands like Lesflicks, who struggle with visibility when mainstream organisations with big social marketing budgets dominate during Pride month, Lesflicks has dropped 30 authentic sapphic stories – one for each day of Pride month on 1 July on

Lesbian and bisexual

Over the past year, Lesflicks has been working hard to bring a constant stream of quality, authentic sapphic stories and information about lesbian and bisexual films. Releasing a new title every week of the year, plus running regular film festivals and providing editorial support for film festivals and films. This Pride month has been the toughest ever, but Lesflicks has found a way to work with what they having, showing how grass roots organisations can look for opportunities and creative solutions in a challenging landscape.

These 30 films takes the total films available on Lesflicks up to 235 sapphic titles, meaning that Lesflicks is definitely the go-to place for authentic sapphic stories. They now boast an impressive catalogue of titles that outstrips other streaming platforms in both the mainstream and LGBTQ+ space.


CEO Naomi Bennett said: “We’re proud to shed light on our community and showcase the representation that is well deserved, and we’re a proud organisation that is visible 365 days a year, not just during Pride month. 

Cannes has been a fantastic opportunity for me to meet with various companies face to face and to identify those organisations that share our values, ethics and desire for a more sustainable and profitable business model for lesbian and bisexual film. This deal with Gonella Productions is just one of a number of deals we hope to seal in the next few months and marks the next stage of growth for Lesflicks.

This is the first year we’ve not done anything for Pride month. I realised that as a small, independent organisation I just could not compete with corporate spend and reach and so had to make the tough decision to sit back and wait… then we signed 30 films and I realised I had to do something to mark this huge achievement, but there was little point doing that during June itself.”

All 30 films are available right here.

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