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The organisers of Copenhagen 2021, the double celebration of WorldPride and the EuroGames, have begun to release the line-ups for their programme of events.

Copenhagen 2021 is the most important LGBTI + celebration that Scandinavia has ever hosted, and will consist of both sporting and cultural events, concerts, talks, debates, signature parties, major political meetings and much much more – a total of more than 1,000 events, spread out 11 days in August, and across both Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden.

You will be able to experience part of the music programme in K. B. Hallen and Fælledparken, from Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 August. The concerts take place in K. B. Hallen with a live audience and will be streamed to a larger viewing area in Fælledparken.

Today’s announcement reveals the line-up for “Under the Rainbow”, a concert focusing on LGBTI+ artists from Denmark, Sweden and the rest of the world. Standby for further announcements of more events.

Among the names announced today, the New York-born, Puerto Rican singer, rapper and activist Princess Nokia really stands out.

Joining Princess Nokia will be:

Theo X.

The multi-artist from Copenhagen – Theo X – creates dirty pop music straight from the heart, with a mixture of grainy and organic sounds which together create new and enormously catchy pop collages. Theo X is a self-made musician and artist, and exactly what he feels like, which has resulted in both an original and unpolished pop sound.

Ivy Rosenauer.

Ivy is the first Scandinavian transgender woman to have her music played on Danish radio. After sharing her story widely over the past three years, this will be the first time that she’s played her upcoming album to a live audience.


The 26-year-old pop / trap-hop musician Ängie has been called a ‘musical misfit’ by The Guardian, but has said that she is not one of the most controversial musicians – she is just one of the most honest. The singer, whose first single was the popular ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’, has just released a new single entitled ‘Drug Lullabies’, which with its both trailing and soaring beats, helps to position Ängie as one of Scandinavia’s most interesting pop musicians right now.


ZAND came out of nowhere in 2018 and with the EP ‘Ugly Pop. In less than a year, the EP’s just four tracks have collected over a million streams. ZAND makes genre-bending and frontier-seeking ugly pop and is both a singer, songwriter and producer – you have to keep a close eye on this triple threat!

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