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Pink News held its awards ceremony tonight and Prime Minister Theresa May was their ‘surprise’ guest, which certainly surprised a good few fans of the staunchly pro LGBT+ site.

One reader under Pink News’ triumphant announcement of its coo posted: “You tainted an LGBT event with this homophobe? well that’s another awards ceremony that is utterly pointless. Keep on pandering Pink News.”

A follower on Twitter wrote: “Why did you invite the woman who deported gays to their deaths overseas and had to be whipped to vote for gay marriage, ?”

In the last few months, Theresa May has been slammed in Pink News for appointing David Liddington as Justice Secretary despite the fact he voted against equal marriage twice. She was rebuked in Pink News for appointing John Glen as Minister for Arts, Tourism and Heritage. Pink News seemed unimpressed when Theresa May did a deal with Northern Ireland’s DUP after her crashing losses in the last general election.

Though her attitudes have softened in recent years she has, during her political career, been far from a stalwart supporter of LGBT rights.

In June 1998, she voted against reducing the age of consent for homosexual acts from eighteen to sixteen bringing equality to the law affecting heterosexual and homosexual acts.

In March 2003, she was absent for a vote on the Local Government Bill — Maintain Prohibition on Promotion of Homosexuality (Section 28).

In 2004, she was aAbsent for all four votes on the Gender Recognition Bill — which before Civil Partnership would allow a marriage to remain valid if one partner goes through gender reassignment treatment.

In 2008, she voted in favour of a backbench bid to force clinic to consider the need for a “father and mother” before allowing women to seek IVF treatment – threatening the rights of lesbian couples.

In 2010 her first act as Home Secretary was to make sure public bodies did not have to actively try to reduce inequality.

She did vote for marriage equality in 2013 and in 2014 she voted to make same sex marriage available to armed forces personnel outside the UK.

It shows a gradual change of heart over the last few years but that didn’t impress Pink News followers.

Victoria Derbyshire tweeted a picture of the PM from the awards to derision from her fans.

One replied: “Ah, the same TM (PM) who campaigned against gay rights in the 80s by any chance.”

While Dan Hughes, “Prince of Spin”, tweeted: “It is a surprise given her voting record on LGBT rights.”

Pink News is known for its strong stance in calling to account anyone who falls foul of its high standards in LGBT+ representation. Will it be encouraging its followers to criticise itself?


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