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We’re seriously hoping that travel is going to be back on our agenda soon and, when it happens, some of us may find ourselves hankering for the great outdoors after months more or less stuck inside. Here are our five top tips for a gay camping holiday.

Find an LGBTQ-friendly campsite.

This should be your first and main concern when preparing for your trip. Luckily, if you do your research, you’ll see that there are many campsites in the world that pride themselves in being LGBTQ-friendly or have been built especially for us folks. This can make you feel a lot safer, but also increase your sense of community and put you in touch with other LGBTQ campers (make sure to respect all social distancing recommendations, though, if they remain in force). And you’ll be glad to hear that many of these campsites come with luxurious facilities! If you decide to hit raw nature, you don’t have to worry, because Mother Earth is not homophobic, just make sure you’re allowed to camp at your chosen spot. 

Pack something warm and stylish to wear.

You know that you’ll tents, sleeping bags and floor mates —you have common sense—but packing your camping wardrobe is not so obvious. Even if it’s hot during the day, the nights tend to get chilly, so pack well. While you’ll feel perfectly comfortable in a t-shirt and some shorts during a sunny day, you need to prep for all weather conditions. Make space in your bag for a rain jacket, a hat and a warm hoodie. If you want to be extra butch, ensure your items are camouflage—that pattern’s always in for a nature outing. Once you get warm, don’t forget to pack some swimwear as well so you can tan or cool off in the nearby lake or river. 

Don’t forget protection.

No, not that kind of protection (although, you might need that as well for those frisky nights under the stars), but some insect spray, sunscreen for your skin and a good knife for everything else. No matter where you go in nature (except Iceland I guess) some bugs will bug you, so make sure to come prepared. Sunscreen is also a staple in any gay’s beauty bag, so don’t forget to bring it with you. Lastly, a couple of quality otf automatic knives can be your best friends during your nature stay. These bad girls can help you with site prep, cooking, first aid, cutting rope, and many other things, so always keep them close. 

Cooking in nature is the best.

Food always tastes better in fresh air and sun, so make sure to leave your diet plan at home and just go all-in with good food. Pack a portable BBQ and a small camp stove for a variety of different foods. With a few pots and pans, plates and utensils, you can create wonderful outdoor feasts. From veggie nachos and chicken skewers to good old steaks, you can keep your stomach full with healthy camping dishes that won’t hurt your beautiful trim waistline. If you don’t push it too much with food, you can indulge in drinks. Fill a cooler with all sorts of tasty drinks and plenty of ice, and you’ll see how must better a Mojito tastes in nature. 

Bring entertainment.

There’s always something do at the camp, so don’t expect to be bored a lot. From cleaning and prepping food to partying until the sunrise, you’ll be pretty busy. However, some days are just made for relaxation, so when you get tired of laying in the sun or listening to your mates’ stories, you’ll be glad you packed some entertainment. Of course, you want to have some music with you, but cards are also a great pastime. And if you miss the gym, you can catch up with your cardio by playing football, badminton and Frisbees with your companions. And don’t forget to pack a good camera for those nature photoshoots—your Instagram will blow up! 

Excited about your nature adventure with the boys? With these tips, your first (or next) camping trip will be one of the most fabulous outings since you came out of the closet. 

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