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Aussie sex boffins have revealed that bottlenose dolphins have clitorises similar to those found on humans – but much, much bigger – and they use them to have “lots of” lesbian sex. It has long been understood that, like humans, dolphins not only have sex for pleasure but are also not averse to “flying solo” and banging one out on their own from time to time.

Writing in the journal Current Biology, researchers revealed that they had studied the genitals of 11 female bottlenose dolphins who had died of natural causes and found that the smiley sea mammals’ clitorises were made up of erectile tissue, an excess of blood vessels and large nerves with the nerve endings just under the skin. 

Because bottlenose dolphins tend to hang out close to the shore, it is relatively easy to study their behaviour. Head researcher Patricia Brennan told New Scientist:

“[Scientists] see [the dolphins] having sex year-round, even when the females are not receptive, so not ready to get pregnant and have babies.

“And not only do they have sex all the time, they have a lot of homosexual sex as well. The females will rub each other’s clitorises with their snouts and their flippers really often. It’s not like every once in a blue moon you’ll see females stimulating each other, it’s actually pretty common.”

Dr Brennan continued, “Females also masturbate.”

This is not the first time that allegations of homosexuality have rocked the Australian marine biology establishment: back in 2017, a group of male dolphins were caught in the act of a no-holds-barred gay orgy off the coast of Western Australia. 

At the time, Krista Nicholson from Murdoch University said the dolphins “organised themselves in four sub-groups.

“They were observed engaging in socio-sexual behaviour that included mounting and genital contact between individuals,” she said.

“The subgroups joined, frequently forming a large group and then split again in different group compositions.”

No dolphin has responded to OutNewsGlobal’s repeated requests to comment on this story.

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