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Written, directed and produced by Jan Miller Corran, How ‘Bout A Cuppa Tea is a gentle new short set in the early days of lockdown with Mary Beth, a married mum of one, reminiscing on her fleeting flirtation with lesbian love some 20 years earlier.

No disrespect to the supporting cast, but this movie belongs to Michelle Pfeiffer-alike Constance Brenneman who delivers Corran’s almost-monologue with a touching sensitivity that resonates with anyyone who has contemplated the sliding-doors implications of the one that got away.

Life pre-lockdown was pretty hectic for many of us, and How ‘Bout A Cuppa tea is a timely reminder that one of the benefits to come out of this dreadful pandemic is that is has allowed us the time and spaceto put the kettle on and think.

How ‘Bout a Cuppa Tea is the first short in a series of four shorts that will be created in 2020. Cathy DeBuono and Constance Brenneman will be the leads in the next three episodes as they take off on a journey of discovery with many surprises along the way.

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