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Back in 2017, actor, presenter and friend of OutNews Global Denise Welch starred in Black Eyed Susan, a heartrending short film highlighting depression.

While those in the public eye are often understandably reticent about their own mental health issues, Denise has frequently put her head above the parapet to shine a light on this insidious, debilitating condition.

Written and directed by Nick Rowntree, with Denise Welch serving as a co-producer, ‘Black Eyed Susan’ is a 15-minute psychological drama that tells the story of a woman trapped in her home by a teenage boy, played by her youngest son, Louis Healy, who is intent on driving her to suicide. The film also stars Kacey Ainsworth and Angela Lonsdale, with the soundtrack penned by Matty Healy, lead singer of The 1975.

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