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In a clear violation of the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights, the UN Human Rights Committee and case law laid down by the European Court of Human Rights (which sits outside the EU and of which the UK was a founder member in 1949), Hungary’s ruling party has tabled legislative amendments which clearly discriminate against the country’s LGBTQ+ citizens.

The amendments, which are subject to a vote on Tuesday 15th June, will ban the “portrayal and the promotion of gender identity different from sex at birth, the change of sex and homosexuality” for people under the age of 18. 

The amendments would effectively ban all discussion – or even acknowledgement – of non-heterosexual relationships and orientations with the same prohibitions applying to non-cis gender identities. If passed, the amendments will be applied to the following Acts:

  • The Child Protection Act;
  • The Act on Business Advertising Activity;
  • The Media Act – all such content will be qualified as category V (unsuitable for minors), and the publication of such content will be banned in public service advertisements;
  • The Family Protection Act and the Public Education Act – such topics cannot be part of sexuality education, schools cannot invite external speakers or NGOs for education on “sexual culture, sexual life, sexual orientation or sexual development” unless they receive a special licence by the state to do so, and participating in such activity without a licence is classified as a misdemeanour.

OutNewsGlobal readers can express their disquiet to the Hungarian Ambassador, His Excellency Ferenc Kumin, PhD, at or to His Excellency Joao Vale de Almeida, head of the EU delegation to the United Kingdom, at

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