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Being a homeowner nowadays is probably the best and the worst experience ever, with so many options and decorative styles, how are you able to choose the perfect one for you? Well, it all depends on what aesthetic you are going for, are you more minimalistic or do you like things more cluttered? Regardless of the choice of style, there are some universal tips and tricks you can pick up and apply however you’d like! So here’s how homeowners are adding the final touch to their properties!

Choose an accent colour.

Probably the easiest way to tie the whole space together is by having an accent color spread all over the home – this will not only look coherent and nice, it will also bring the whole place together. Choosing the right colour can be a bit difficult sometimes, especially if you already have other colours to work around, but golden details are always a hit, regardless what type of style you are going for. A pop of gold will totally make the space look more rich, luxurious and put together. Vases, sculptures, a tea set, basically anything can work as a decorative piece that will definitely blow away anyone that walks into your home!

Windows are important too.

Oftentimes, people are fixated on the walls or on the floor and add way to much decor and art, that ends up looking crowded and incoherent – and on top of that they are forgetting a big part of every room – windows! Experts from state that blinds can be just as effective as a decoration as anything else. There are so many different types and kinds of blinds, that you can literally choose the one that will compliment your space the most. From long and flowy vertical blinds to full cover Roman blinds – there is probably a type that will make your home look expensive and put together! 

Natural decor.

So you don’t want to go overboard with the decorations, regardless if you have a big budget or not, sometimes opting for cheaper and easier ways is better. Using plants as decorations all over your home can be such an effortless touch, yet it will leave such a big impact. Plants make the space look liveable and cosy, and you can mix and match different kinds of plants as well. Putting plants inside and outside of your home will just look great, however your home may look like, this will bring it to the next level!

Think about the floors.

So a lot of people will look at their homes and be totally satisfied with having grey scaled rugs, or even just plain old wood floors with nothing on it – and sure, this can look pretty nice, especially if you are going for the minimalistic look, but there are ways to spice it up! Adding a lively carpet can bring the room on a whole new level, it can totally make the space feel more alive. Especially if your walls and furniture are monotone and dull, a colorful carpet might just be the best thing for you! Don’t be afraid to add something more creative and outside your comfort zone, chances are other people will be amazed by your artistic  side and rather intrigued by the space itself!

Polish everything.

Sometimes, less is more – so once you finish rearranging and decorating the home, take a good look around, are you happy with the result? Sometimes you can overdo it whilst doing it, so you sometimes don’t even notice that you’ve gone overboard with the different kinds of decorations, and sometimes you just don’t care. The final touches should be just seeing if everything looks nice together and if you want to change something last minute. Obviously it all depends on what kind of vibe you are going with, if it’s minimalistic, your job is pretty easy, if it’s on the other side of the spectrum you might want to be careful how you arrange stuff – even if it is cluttered, make it a functioning, pleasing to the eye kinds of clutter!

At the end of the day, everyone should have the freedom to decorate and polish their homes however they want, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder! But then again, there are easy tips that even professionals use, that can make any space look so much better in no time! So try to take useful information, take advantage of it and mix it with your own style and you’ll be good to go! Just have an open mind and don’t be afraid to mess things up in order to better them!

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