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The ever-expanding range of CBD products available to buy offers a range of reported health benefits. One area where CBD supplementation is becoming increasingly popular is in sports. Whether supplementing through CBD oils, vapes, teas or gummies, many athletes are now turning to the cannabinoid to improve their recovery and performance in sports. Here are some of the ways that CBD might help to enhance your sporting performance. 

Pain Relief 

One popular reason for CBD supplementation is its reported pain-relieving effects. Some people suggest that by stimulating the natural cannabinoid receptors in your body, the compound might work as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers. 

For athletes, pain after an intense session is nothing new. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs after putting the body through its paces and can cause severe soreness and aches in athletes. Additionally, athletes can sometimes develop injuries due to sport which can be very painful. 

Traditionally, pain relief makes use of opiates. While these are effective, they also bring problems like addiction or can cause mental fog. CBD might be worth a try for those looking for a natural pain reliever to offset that post-workout soreness. 

Mental Fortitude 

Some people use CBD during their training sessions. Those who do this often claim that the cannabinoid can help them focus during gruelling workouts and deliver the best performances. 

Advocates of taking CBD to enhance focus during training argue that it can help them when they are training for a big event or are doing long-distance or repetitive sessions. While there isn’t a great deal of scientific evidence to support this assertion, many people swear by it as an excellent tool for focusing during exercise. 


Some people have suggested that CBD’s properties could make it a powerful recovery tool for athletes. It is common practice for sportspeople to use various supplements to enhance recovery after training, from protein supplements to BCAAs to reduce soreness. Adding to this list, many are now including CBD in their post-workout routine. 

Research has suggested that the cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory properties. After straining the body, a natural stage of recovery is inflammation. Therefore, the logic follows that taking CBD could help to reduce muscle and joint inflammation and improve recovery times for athletes. 

Many people choose to take the supplement orally after a workout in the form of CBD oil, although some proponents also suggest massaging the oil into the sore areas of the body. If you are an athlete looking to improve your recovery times, it might be worth checking out Handpicked CBD for CBD oil in the UK.


Overall, many argue that CBD supplementation has helped them to manage or overcome a range of health conditions, both mental and physical. As a result of the increased popularity of CBD supplementation, many athletes are now turning to the cannabinoid as a tool to potentially improve their performance, recovery and pain management. While there is little conclusive evidence to support these claims, the large body of advocates suggests that CBD could be an effective supplement for athletes. 

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