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When you are looking to redesign your home, you might not be able to do everything that you want to do, so how do you decide which items to focus on in your renovations? With so many options available for home redesign, it is easy to get carried away and bite off more than you can chew, inflating your budget and leaving jobs unfinished. When planning your redesign there are some fundamental areas that you can focus on, that will make your home seem brand new and allow you to carry out a well-planned and thoughtful renovation.


Focusing on painting is one of the best ways to freshen up your home. While large projects may seem necessary, sometimes the easiest way to make your home seem brand new is to throw on a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper. This easy-to-manage renovation will have you feeling like you are in a new home. New paint brightens up your space, allows you to change your colour schemes, allowing you to completely change the feel of your home with just one redesign. 

Storage and display

Updating your cabinets and display cases is a great way to give your home a fresh look. Whether you just paint your cabinets and change their hardware or install a brand new modern display cabinet, you will certainly enjoy your home’s new look with these design changes. Having new cabinet handles and painting your cabinets, or fully redesigning them will give your kitchen a fresh new look, and installing display cabinets will give you a place for your treasures that will also add to the look and feel of your living spaces. 


It is amazing what updating your lighting can do for your home. Form changing the type of lightbulbs to changing out light fixtures, there is so much that you can do with the lighting in your home that won’t break the bank. Having the right lighting in your home can make a world of difference, so this is an area you should focus on during any redesign project.


The windows are the eyes into and out of your home. Often your windows are the centrepiece of any room, introducing light and air into your home. Framing your windows and choosing the right treatments can completely change the look and feel of any room. Maybe you have expansive windows and want to keep them simply dresses; shutters may be an option. Or perhaps you have a picture window with a traditional slat blind and want to add flowing drapes to increase the majesty of your window. No matter what window-dressing you choose to fit your style, this addition can completely change the face of any room and is a great point of focus for your home redesign.


Decorating your home, and staging it with artwork and other additions can give you a finished look to your home. Utilising accent colours that will bring out your new paint, or emphasise your artistic taste is a plus for any home redesign. Don’t go through the motions or redesign your home without finishing it off with great decor ideas. Even if you are a minimalist, there are certain aspects of decorations that just give the finishing touch to your new designs. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but properly staging your home can give it a sleep, polished, and finished look.


When people think of home design, they sometimes think only of interior design, and that can be a grave mistake. Freshening up the exterior of your home with some landscaping can give you the neighbourhood’s dream patio and garden. Adding plants, trimming hedges, and adding some patio furniture and lighting can give your exterior space a new and inviting look.

Deep cleaning

If all else fails and you don’t have the budget for many projects, deep cleaning of your current window treatments, carpets and floors is a great way to freshen up your home. Carpets can take a beating over time, and if you don’t have the money to fully replace your flooring, a deep cleaning can give them new light and colour, removing stains and tracked-in dirt.

No matter what your budget is and what your home design ideas are, these are home design ideas that you can focus on to change the look and feel of your home completely. Change is nice, but can be overwhelming, so focus on these points to stay within your budget and still give yourself the new ad updated home of your dreams.

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