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I first met Stephanie Young at a Drag night in Lancing, West Sussex (who would have ever thought a sold out Drag show would exist in such a village?!). We hit it off straight away, as we’re both passionate about creating a local community with our fellow LGBTQIA+ family. 

Steph runs the local Lesbian / Queer Female Hangouts Shoreham + Surrounding Areas group on Facebook, and at the time, I ran the LGBTQ+ Community of Worthing Facebook group with a team of volunteers. 

Steph created her group to enable members to build connections, create, and to have fun beyond the city of Brighton and Hove. The group is fully inclusive of ALL who identify as queer female, lesbian, and non-binary persons. Steph has built an online community of approximately 276 members, and has organised a range of successful in person social events – which, as a local lesbian living in Worthing, is great to have locally, as it’s something our up-and-coming town has been missing. 

After hosting a variety of events, Steph felt as though something was missing. She was desperate for a good dance and wanted to create a different space for lesbian and queer females to dance and connect. As this did not already exist locally, Steph had the mindset of “Well if it doesn’t exist, I will create it!”…and so #GirlFlixClub was born.  

Scrolling through my Facebook at the time, I saw a post from Steph announcing that she’s organising the FIRST lesbian and queer dance party in Worthing. In my visionary state of mind, I slipped on my party dress and dancing shoes, already buzzing and ready to dance the night away at the sacred space that Steph was aiming to create.  

Steph didn’t disappoint. 

What a night! DJ Tor Lloyd on the decks at Girlflix

The night had officially arrived and was held at one of my favourite venues, Cellar Arts Club – a non-profit cooperative supporting culture in and around Worthing, which provides a real sense of community, as any money they make goes back into supporting other artists and making events like GirlFlix happen.  

Steph and her Team created a welcoming atmosphere. In honour of the weekend before Valentine’s Day, a Love Stationon the bar was a lovely touch, which encouraged people to write what love means to them. “Pure” was my addition, amongst some heartfelt and also funny additions from others, including the mention of boobs – because what’s a lesbian and queer dance party without the mention of boobs?!  

People could also give a Message of Love with their name, mobile number and message, to someone they like. The nostalgia of school discos as a young’n made me smile and feel warm and fuzzy; remembering the more innocent days of feeling butterflies and hoping my crush would notice me. Upon reflection, they were the simpler days. The days of no mobile phones, and when people had to communicate with each other in person to get to know each other, which is a lost art in these current times. However, GirlFlix created a safe haven for interactions and possibilities.  

OutNewsGlobal’s Keira Thomas caught up with Girlflix organiser, Stephanie Young

I of course took advantage of the 2 for £10 Cocktails during Happy Hour, which certainly got my party started… 

DJ Darkx Angel kicked off the night in style. Born in Madrid, she moved to the UK 10 years ago. Since then, she has been smashing the dance floor for more than a decade. Her 90´s old-school Hip House and Latin Electronic rhythms always make the crew dance and enjoy the party. She started in the legendary Titania London Soho lesbian bar, and following that has been involved in queer and lesbian parties around Sussex. 

Next to grace us with her musical presence was DJ SDMS,which stands for Shivers Down MSpine. DJ SDMS loves mixing and merging genre, and has been playing her Pioneers for 4 years whilst gently getting herself busy in West Sussex venues. 

She played at Coast Café on Worthing Beach during Worthing Pride weekend, plus many other fabulous nights; always met with a beautiful crowd and reception. She also plays at Lucifers Cafe and other local cocktail bars or private venues.

She absolutely smashed the Halloween event that I and the LGBTQ Community of Worthing Team organsied at Cellar Arts Club, which DJ SDMS“loved a lot”, along with everyone else who embraced the eclectic tunes whilst getting down with their bad selves on the dancefloor. 

And last but certainly not least, DJ Tor-Lloyd hits the floor, ending the quality night on a high. 

Tor Lloyd has been DJing since the early 90’s. Since moving to the South Coast over a decade ago, Tor has been a regular resident at the experimental Techno night, BEEP, DJing under bn1boi – and now has a monthly show on the world famous Brighton independent radio station, 1BTN; The Playground

GirlFlix organiser, Stephanie Young with DJ Tor Lloyd, DJ Dark Angel, DJ SDMS and some other women who looked liked they were having a great time.

Nowadays Tor can be found regularly DJing at Coast Café, with their own co-run uplifting House night, All4Love

Last summer, Tor had the honour of opening up the main stage for Worthing Pride with DJ partner in crime, Liz Davies, and has a HUGE upcoming gig in March 2023 at Worthing’s legendary club, Sterns

Occasionally you can catch Tor bringing a more chilled out Balearic Jazzy vibe when delivering a laid-back eclectic mix on 1BTN or on the sunset terraces of Coast Café; demonstrating their musical knowledge across many spectrums of genre. 

People were dancing, connecting and laughing throughout the night, which was wonderful to see and be a part of. Lots of pictures were taken, and the romantic in me hopes phone numbers were swapped and romances have blossomed, as well as new friendships and dancing buddies.   

Leading by example – Organiser, Stephanie Young knows how to party!

Back by popular demand following the success of the first night, GirlFlix is back on the 29th April 2023 with more banging tunes and a new line-up of 3 amazing female DJ’s. The night will be held at a new venue, The Vault, to share the lesbian and queer love around Worthing (the new lesbian and queer capital of Sussex). Get your tickets here.  

In the meantime, here’s some other reviews from GirlFlix goers, to give you a taste of what good vibes to expect:  

“What an amazing night with great DJs that had me dancing til midnight even though before I went I wasn’t sure I fancied dancing!!!!” 

“It was the best lesbian night out I’ve had in a very long time. Excellent planning, very reasonable priced bar, lovely staff, well managed great vibes, it couldn’t have been any better (other than someone getting their rack completely out but hey that might be just me 😂)” 

“A very happy 70 year old lady (I am sure she wont mind the disclosure) who had come to Worthing to visit her girlfriend. They were up dancing all night long. She came up to me, gave me a big hug and said…. “Thank you so much for making this happen, it feels like the old days when it was underground and I am having so much fun!’I think this was the highlight of my night! This is exactly what I wanted to achieve – a safe space for people that identify as lesbian / queer female. Something for all ages, (not just a young 20-something crowd), with good music and dancing! Boom!! #Girlflixclub ❤ ❤ “ 

“DEFINITELY coming next time.” 

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