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With Valentine’s Day falling on Friday, most folk in relationships will be looking forward to spoiling their other half!

Your boudoir will be the heart of the evening, so you will want it to create the perfect atmosphere. For some this maybe your first Valentine’s Day together and some people claim that checking out their partner’s bedroom for the first time was an immediate and clear indicator as to whether their relationship was going to work!

I always find it amusing when people say that to make your bedroom sexy, you have to have tacky red accessories, a glitter ball on the ceiling along with mirrors, black shiny sheets and red light bulbs! Unless, of course, you’re going for the “brothel circa 1976” look, in which case you’ll be spot on.

If you want to create a bedroom that says “classy” as well as “sexy”, take a look at these top tips.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary as well as an expression of the person that you are. This should make your partner feel that they really are getting to know the intimate you. Introducing softer or boudoir prints also creates the right look.

Presenting your room in a clean and tidy way is essential. who wants to be intimate in dirty sheets with mess everywhere? White, grey or neutral colours on cotton sheets tend to be more appealing than the blunt base colours of red and black.

Keep your bedroom to being exactly that – a bedroom! Have on show what you need in a bedroom, not piles of office work or equipment – it kills the space and creates a cluttered mind. Nobody wants to have to hang their underwear on an inkjet printer, unless you have a thing for the store room at PC World.

A good bed is a must – especially the way it is dressed! Don’t just throw a duvet on, create a hotel effect bed by accessorising with cushions and a throw – the layering effect works wonders on the eye.

Lighting is also essential for a bedroom. Having bright lights doesn’t really create the mood you are looking for. Low LED lighting creates a soft atmosphere and you might also want to introduce candles. Think carefully about the scent: you don’t want anything too strong like cinnamon or anything too sweet like vanilla, I would recommend lavender or linen fragrances or my all-time favourite, fig.

Background music is also something that creates the finishing touch to your evening so choose those sounds wisely. You’re unlikely to make it past first base with Slipknot turned up to ten!

Remember, make your bedroom represent you…and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


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