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A major study from The Netherlands has revealed that transgender people who have undergone gender reassignment are up to three times as likely to die prematurely than cis people.

The study was undertaken by Amsterdam’s UMC Gender Clinic which, over the past 50 years, has treated more than 9,000 people, over half of whose data were examined as part of the study. 

While suicide among trans people remains higher than in the general population, the study demonstrated that the risk is declining over time as wider society becomes more accepting of gender reassignment and of the mental health issues that can sometimes result from gender dysphoria. The excess death rate was largely a result of cardiovascular disease, HIV-related illnesses and lung cancer.

Trans women who had transitioned from male to female were three times as likely to die prematurely than the average cis female and twice as likely than the average male.

Those who transitioned from female to male were twice as likely to die than the average cis woman but there was no difference in life expectancy when the comparison was made with the average cis man.

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