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Vegas might be known for it’s nightlife and gambling, but I think it should be known just as much for the restaurants.

Long gone are the days of mediocre all you can eat buffets. Las Vegas now has some of the best dining in the world. One of my new discoveries is Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House…

When celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse arrived here from New Orleans, he worried about where to find fish in the desert.

He soon solved that mystery and now with his redesigned New Orleans Fish House at MGM Grand, he’s even serving a variety of sea creatures including oysters, octopus and lobster. It makes you feel closer to the coast than the Vegas Strip.

On the menu

It’s difficult to choose what to eat. The Seafood Platter is a cavalcade of greatest hits: Tempura fried salmon roll with pickled vegetables, wasabi and sweet soy glaze, lobster meat and of course, Emeril’s New Orleans succulent shrimp – bathed in a barbecue sauce and served with a rosemary biscuit.

Seafood Platter

The stars of the show were oysters on the half shell with cocktail and champagne mignonette sauces, the kind guaranteed to make this jaded traveller sigh. The scallops, in contrast, danced. Large pieces on the plate were impeccably pan-seared and then baked to bring out their silky texture.

Clam chowder can be enjoyed at countless restaurants but this Fall River dish is full of flavour thanks to the combination of ingredients.

Something sweet

Given the generous portions, it is tempting to skip dessert. Don’t.

Our menu concludes with Banana Cream Pie, which was light and fluffy, complete with chocolate shavings and caramel sauce. As with all the dishes, the plating was artful, and the dish a tasty treat from beginning to end.

Staff members who are professional, friendly, knowledgable and smile at you until you walk out the door increase the pleasure of the meal even more.

Restaurants sometimes excel when it comes to the food, but lack a setting to match. They can also go the other way: a striking space, but lacklustre cuisine. Emeril’s gets it just right on both counts making for a sensory experience.

For over two decades Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House has been one of the most consistent and loved restaurants in Las Vegas. It’s time to celebrate this destination’s longevity with a return visit.


3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV 89109

TEL: 702 891 7374

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