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After more than a year of – well – You Know What, the playlists at OutNewsGlobal HQ have taken a definite turn towards the upbeat and the positive. Let’s face facts, with the news reflecting the unremitting global shitshow of disease and economic hardship, we just want to get lost in music that’s entirely devoid of heartbreak, angst and existential struggle. We have enough of that in real life.

Canadian singer/songwriter Eline Felice’s Pride Month release – Let’s Get Lost – is a reminder of those magical first kisses, when getting lost in the moment matters more than anything else: getting lost in order to find yourself. Clever.

If I’m writing a queer anthem, it’s gonna have to be a little gay

The track, in accordance with the unwritten law of songs about coming out, does acknowledge that there may be bumps in the road, but both the consistently uplifting pop/disco groove and the optimism of the lyrics deliver a hefty dose of positivity for any young person starting to come to terms with same-sex attraction.

Elina says, “If I’m writing a queer anthem, it’s gonna have to be a little gay. This song was written while reflecting on my own coming out experience. It’s such a unique and painful time, and those first feelings of queer love are so transformative. After dating the wrong gender you’re finally feeling something that feels right to you, things you’ve never felt for another person. 

“At the exact same time you’re realising who you are. It really is finding yourself through loving someone else, which is why for the queer identity, who we love and who we are are inextricably intertwined.” 

The single was recorded in Elina’s home studio and produced by Viscose.

Let’s Get Lost is out now. Find it on all the usual platforms.

Watch the lyric video here.

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