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A fundraiser has been set up to help a lesbian couple after they were assaulted at a bus stop in Dublin on Wednesday night (16 May). One of the women posted pictures of her battered face and confirmed that she had gone to hospital, and that her girlfriend Kate was “okay”. 

Writing on Instagram stories, Robyn Deane said, “Me and Kate just got gay bashed. This is what being lesbians in Ireland is. In hospital right now. Will reply to everyone at a later point. Kate is okay.”

Kate added, “Me and Robyn just got gay bashed waiting for the bus. “Like fully punched in the face. Dublin is absolutely fucked”

The GoFundMe, set up by Donal Talbot, explains: “Yesterday afternoon, Robyn and Kate where assaulted in Dublin, in an act of homophobia.

“The incident has caused great emotional and physical harm, and I am creating this GoFundMe to support and show our love to Robyn and Kate as they heal from this traumatic incident.

“The funds collected will be used to cover any medical bills that may occur, therapy sessions and to help with upcoming rent and expenses due to being unable to work for the foreseeable future.

“As we are still unsure of the exact amount needed to cover the costs for Robyn and Kate, and any excess donations will be given to LGBTQ+ charities based in Ireland.”

Mr Talbot has since confirmed that the fundraiser has been closed but that, should people with to continue to donate, future funds will be donated to Small Trans Library, a Dublin- and Glasgow-based charity that provides trans-themed books to trans people, as well as organising workshops, reading groups and events across Ireland and Scotland.

Robyn has thanked people for their support, writing, “Kate and I thank everyone so much for all of the love and support you have given us. We will be donating a portion of the funds directly to our trans and lesbian friends who experience extreme hardship, alongside donating to some charities that we will confirm in the next few days.

“Thank you so so much. I am physically in a lot of pain and need rest. We are both exhausted. We love our community. Thank you.”

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