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It’s often said the good design is the perfect fusion of form and function and that truly great design becomes a work of art in its own right.

Shiri Zinn is one of the world’s foremost designers of luxury sex toys: with harnesses, gags, dildos and more, Shiri’s amazing products attract collectors from all over the world. We’re thrilled that Shiri has allowed us to showcase a selection of her beautiful work in OutNewsGlobal.

We’re showcasing seven of Shiri’s beautiful products so, strap in (or strap ON, whichever you prefer) and prepare to be dazzled. And if you want to check out even more stunning designs, visit

Teal Vegan Strap-on with matching ceramic gold leaf dildo.

This beautiful, high end beaded strap-on is the cornerstone of Shiri Zinn’s BDSM RANGE of luxury bondage with its hypnotic turquoise/blue vegan leather that feels like silk to touch. Its fine appeal brings wearable art to the boudoir & its beaded tassel back, created with fine African glass beads, drapes over a supportive leather back for added support.

This strap on is custom fitted to every woman’s hip size with its long, adjustable straps. A chrome metal front O-ring is at once fully removable (to accommodate most flare based toys) and also custom fits its matching, hand-crafted, blue ceramic dildo with nine carat gold leaf flower motif; handmade in England. This stunning ornate dildo stands like a beautiful erotic ornament when not in use.

Red Leather Strap-on with matching ceramic gold leaf dildo.

Shiri Zinn’s Red Leather Strap-on is the pinnacle of couture luxury. When you buy this deluxe jewelled strap you buy a piece of wearable art, at once functional and incredibly comfortable! The wine red leather strap-on fits every hip size like a glove, transforming the wearer into an unparalleled state of bedroom glamour! There is no better gift for gender play or more luxurious leather lingerie attire for BDSM seduction…

The red designer strap-on is the agent provocateur’s choice, handcrafted from finest lambskin & lovingly embroidered with red & gold ornate, fine luxury glass beads. The handcrafted leather strap on can be purchased with (or without) a matching Shiri Zinn Red Ceramic Dildo decorated with 8 carat gold leaf flower motif. This stunning ornate, ceramic dildo stands flat like an ornament so it can be beautifully displayed in your boudoir when not in use…

Couture Beaded Gag.

This beaded couture gag is another signature piece from Shiri Zinn’s exclusive vegan BDSM RANGE of luxury bondage. With finely, hand crafted faux leather strap fastening at back, & solid metal coloured rings, this jewellery piece is sold as erotic art only, and takes BDSM to new heights in design. The hand beaded gag, encasing a rubber ball of 45mm diameter, is an amazing fashion statement and jewellery piece to own. Available in red, light gold, teal and black!

Beaded Couture Paddle

This exquisite paddle is part of Shiri Zinn BDSM RANGE of luxury bondage to compliment her luxury beaded strap-on, ornate matching gag, eye-mask and collars! It’s backed with an inner steel plate for additional strength. Handmade in faux leather with a decorative, flat beaded strip on reverse side, achieving a truly exclusive artefact that doubles as an art piece in your home! Available in blue, gold, black or red.

Beaded Choker with matching lead.

Shiri Zinn designs her collars to equally be a declaration of submission or transfer of power as they are a modern-day fashion statement, encompassing both eroticism and empowerment. Challenge prejudice and preconceived notions relating to sexuality with this exquisite range.

This collection of beaded couture chokers is a signature piece of our exclusive luxury bondage range, featuring couture and erotic design. Every choker is finely crafted from smooth vegan-friendly faux leather and decorated with ornate beaded tassels. The design is inspired from Shiri Zinn’s personal African roots.

Chokers have the option for chains or leads to be added. This encapsulates the submissive side of a dominant and submissive relation. Restraint, role-play, and pain for pleasure are just some of the erotic practices involved, with the choker necklace largely about an exchange of power and getting a thrill from forfeiting control.

Speckled glass butt plugs.

Shiri Zinn’s Glass Butt Plug is a rare designer dildo with unique patterns and colours created by the finest of English glassmakers, lovingly handcrafted from deluxe Dartington hand molten crystal glass. This Shiri Zinn blue solid glass butt-in has an unusually heavyweight feel, presented in its own handcrafted, pale yellow satin-lined case.

The luxury glass plug doubles as a fine art piece on your dresser. A romantic gift of unashamed, decadent luxury…no two blue glass stoppers are EVER the same…each one utterly unique! Shiri Zinn has designed this beautiful deluxe butt plug to tighten the vaginal passage during intercourse; enhancing sexual pleasure for both you & your partner.

Please note that this 12.5cm butt plug is made to order with advance payment and can take up top three weeks to manufacture and deliver.

Swarovski Glass Dildo.

Shiri Zinn’s Swarovski Glass Dildo is encrusted with premium Swarovski aqua crystals set securely into the glass holder end of this deluxe dildo by makers of Formula One Trophies & Rolls Royce silversmiths. It is a testament to the finest of English glassmakers & is lovingly handcrafted from luxurious Dartington hand molten crystal glass.

The Swarovski Glass Dildo is unusually heavy weight in feel, and forms the jewel in the crown of her signature collection, presented in its own handcrafted, satin-lined box. The glass piece doubles as a luxury ornament on your mantelpiece or dresser, and stands the test of time as a romantic gift of unashamed, decadent luxury. No two glass dildos are EVER the same; your piece is unique!

This piece comes in amber, aqua, deep violet and light pink.

Please note this 21cm Swarovksi dildo takes up to 3 weeks to manufacture and deliver if out of stock.

To find out more about Shiri’s beautiful products, visit

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