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Fans of Claire Littley will already be familiar with THAT voice – a hypnotic, magnetic mix of warm honey trickling down the softest silk while a skilled masseuse (or masseur, if you prefer) teases your skin with deft fingertip touches, transporting you to a place so chilled that even a polar bear would be reaching for the thermostat. Past commentators have labelled Littley’s voice as a combination of George Michael and Lisa Stansfield…and they’re not wrong.

In Change The Game, the follow-up to Moving Too Fast, Littley is sending a message to all of us who feel we don’t quite fit in but, despite trying, can never quite conform to the expectations of society. Rather than exhorting us to look inwards, Littley urges us to stand tall, to celebrate our differences and – in so doing – to change the game.

Speaking exclusively to OutNewsGlobal, Littley explains, “This is a song for the people who have ever felt like a misfit. We can be quick to blame ourselves and sometimes think we are a mess. 

“But is it the world that’s messy… that you just feel things deeply or experience things differently? This is what change ‘Change The Game’ is about.” 

Change The Game manages to be both funky and chilled, with its old-school jazz-funk riffs the perfect counterpoint to Littley’s chill-out lounge vocal stylings. Powerful lyrics – which you can actually hear! – and a slick video (which looks far more expensive than I’m guessing it actually cost) complete the picture. 

Watch now!

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