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Queer hip hop duo Graver Ekow are back with Master Communicator, a floor-filling banger boasting the slickest of production values, a bass that will  blow your windows out and acrobatic vocals that make Kanye West sound like Ed Sheeran. Oh, and if you’re heart doesn’t beat just a little bit faster when the hook kicks in, you need to check your pulse to see if you’re still alive.

Unashamedly modern – even futuristic –  yet with echoes of the best of old school 90s rap – we’re thrilled to note that Master Communicator is the first of more to come later in 2021 as part of their self-styled Queer Hip Hop Invasion, and we can’t wait.

Speaking about the new release, Graver Ekow said, “We planned to get this song out last year, but it became difficult to pull together in the thick of the pandemic. Now as things start to open back up, we thought it was the perfect time to put out a big song. 

“Master Communicator represents the beginning of a new era for us and we’re excited to share everything we’ve been working on. This is only phase one…”

Click HERE to find Master Communicator on all your favourite platforms.


Twitter: Graver: @feelmatic || Mr Ekow: @mrchrisekow

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