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If you’re under the age of 25 and identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, then you’re going to want to know about an important new survey being run by our friends at the British LGBT Awards

The survey will look at how schools, workplaces and communities can help young LGBTQ+ come out in a safe and secure environment, and will also examine how services for LGBTQ+ youth can be improved.

Sarah Garrett MBE, the British LGBT Awards’ founder and head honcho, commented, “We are re-launching this survey to assess the current situation for young LGBT+ people, as so much has changed since last time.”

Ms Garrett continued, “This time we hope to gain a more detailed insight into experiences and challenges that are part of the current landscape. We are aiming to reach as many people as we can, and have feedback from young LGBT+ people who have not yet come out, and gain an insight into their experiences.

“The survey is completely anonymous, and will allow the participants to express their feelings, thoughts and experiences freely.”

British LGBT Awards founder Sarah Garrett

The survey aims to gain up-to-date insight on where workplaces, schools and communities can do more for the country’s LGBTQ+ youth. It will also look into the perceptions, habits and behaviours of the young people in the community, and identify whether coming out is still difficult for them, especially in the face of cuts to LGBTQ+ services.

The British LGBT Awards have been running since 2015, and are the most prestigious LGBT+ awards ceremony in the country. In addition to this latest survey, they have also launched the LBTQWomen initiative, which has gained a global presence.

Previous award winners include LGBTQ+ celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Caitlyn Jenner and Tom Daley, and famous LGBTQ+ allies HRH Prince William, Kylie Minogue and Daniel Radcliffe.

The survey runs until 15th April and is completely anonymous. Click here for more information.

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