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True Taste
 Author: Margaret Bell  Category: Cookery, Health & wellbeing, Non-fiction  Publisher: Naturally Empowered Health BUY NOW
About this book:

This book is full of wonderful recipes that the author has included in her clients’ successful eating plans.

Each recipe is easy to follow, all are designed to give you energy and keep you fuller for longer without skimping on taste. The author has included choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as alternatives to your favourite snacks for when you feel like a treat. There are also how to guides and insights to my favourite foods.

In the second section the focus is on mindset techniques for before, during and after eating so not only does your food taste amazing but you feel amazing too, more energised and less stressed so you are able to really tune into your food, enjoy every mouthful and give your time to true taste.


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