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Steamy Sex: The Sex Doctor’s Guide to Keeping it Hot
 Author: Dr Pam Spurr  Category: Health & wellbeing, Non-fiction, Self help  Publisher: Aurum Press BUY NOW
About this book:

Sex and relationship expert, agony aunt and bestselling author Dr Pam Spurr’s new book dares to answer the questions that everyone wants to know.

Whether in a sexual relationship – or enjoying sex as a single – this guide will help you improve your sex life! In her usual fun, straight-forward, accessible style, Dr Pam provides countless steamy suggestions and strategies to turn up the heat in the bedroom as well as answering the most frequently asked questions on sex that come through her columns, radio broadcasts, and interviews. With this unique and vibrant book, based on real-life stories and experiences, Dr Pam provides you with essential understanding of sex, plus guidance on tricks and techniques for him, and for her, and communication, sexual confidence and relationship-boosting advice. Her guide also explores the quirks and kinks of sex, and reveals how we can incorporate great sex into our daily lives despite our hectic pace of living.


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