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The last few years we’ve been able to enjoy flare films from our socially distanced sofas.  This year from March 15th – 26th, BFI Flare is back for you to enjoy in person!

Over the next 5 days there is still plenty to see and do.

BFI Flare has something for all LGBTQIA+ people and our allies.  One film we would recommend adding to our to do list, is in their hearts and romance section, Egghead & Twinkie. Join a young Asian American girl and her hapless best friend, as they hit the road to meet her online crush in this delightful road movie.

Another film that stood out to us is The Fabulous Ones.  It’s about a group of older trans women reuniting following the discovery of a lost letter containing the last wishes of a dearly departed friend.  Trans might currently be the new black but many of us forget that older trans women, like all older LGBTQ people, have had very different life experiences to young people today.  Without them, we would be unlikely to have lots of the equal rights we take for granted today.   This film has just one more showing and the last one sold out, so don’t hang around!

A scene from the fabulous film, The Fabulous Ones

A big part of London’s BFI are the queer social events. Lesflicks are hosting a meet up for LGBTQ women at the screening of Maybe Someday today, Wednesday 21st March.  There are still a few tickets left if you’re quick!

Southbank Surfing is also holding a social event this Friday at the Southbank Bar.   It’s where Southbank Surfing first started and it’s likely that if you go along, you might meet some new friends or even meet a lady to go to one of Flare’s last few days of films with!

If you can get to London this week, we would really recommend BFI Flare, London’s LGBTQIA Film Festival!

For tickets and info, CLICK HERE.

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