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If there is one word in this day and age that can guarantee debate or get you, your show or event cancelled on the spot it is “trans”. Currently, when we die you will be identified as either male or female, as science has yet to change the DNA of the human body.  

However, we should be able to be whoever we want to be in this lifetime, provided we do not hurt others with our actions. The right-wing God gang, screaming, anti Trans and LGBTIQQ, cannot explain to me why their higher power allows a child to be born with bone cancer, so let’s face it, there is a very good chance that God might just have popped someone into the wrong body. 

My great fear is that rather than educating the world about Trans, the worst thing we can do is cancel. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Those screaming rape if allowing trans women simply to pee in the ladies toilet should be more worried about the Metropolitan Police, who have significantly more incidents of rape and attacks on woman amongst its staff than there has ever been reported from anyone identifying as trans. Though we should have empathy with those who have been raped or abused, if the very thought of sharing any loo facility with a human, still with a penis could be traumatic.

Back in the late 40’s, being a man dressed as a woman was a crime, this was the world that author Jay Brett was born into

Jay’s book “Everything you want to know about Transgender “ looks to provide valuable insights into transgender issues, and helping transgender people (specifically transgender women), whilst educating friends and family about transgender children and professionals who may come into contact with transgender people at work, such as teachers, medical professionals, policy makers, employers, and general members of the public etc.

But where the book really takes off is Jay’s own story. I found myself drawn into a moving, often funny and poignant tale of a journey few can only imagine. It shows the reason why, as a society, we should let people be who they want to be. Quentin Crisp wrote the “Naked Civil Servant”, there is definitely a trans “Naked Civil Servant” story waiting to be written here. It would be amazing to separate the “Everything you need to know… “ aspect from Jay’s story which is filled with worthy television drama moments, such as when Jay’s wife comes home to find him not only with hepatitis, but in one of her dresses.  

“Everything you want to know…” is well worth reading, but it will leave you wanting to not only meet Jay, but wanting to read more of her story. Jay could be the Trans Quintin Crisp. In the village in France, where  she lives, she is already a local celebrity. My bet is the 76-year-old trans activist will be known all over soon, 

The book certainly gets you thinking about a topic which everyone seems to have an opinion on. Read it and enjoy!

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