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Our ally and a great friend to OutNews Global, the self-help expert, media psychologist and painter, Dr Pam Spurr tells us about her exciting new affordable gifts of art.

Pam writes:

There’s nothing like getting lost in listening to music or looking at a piece of art, especially during these difficult times. Sometimes we just need to escape, take a breather, then face another challenge. 

Over the last few months, I’ve had more contacts than ever from people asking me for techniques to stop their mind spinning in an anxious loop. 

Even a small distraction can recharge you and with that in mind I recently added small, affordable gifts-of-art to the art gallery-shop on my website. These pieces, either for a loved one or for yourself, have a theme of connecting us to others because each piece is part of a full-size painting.

It’s a unique process devised by the Bickerton-Grace Gallery for their Sentiment Collection. When they asked if I’d include one of my paintings, called Renewing Waters, I was super psyched to take part. Here was a way of sharing art in an accessible way.

Renewing Waters

All of my paintings are based on personal stories people have shared with me. Renewing Waters is based on one person’s positive story of overcoming trauma. They told me that coming out the other side was like “swimming through renewing waters”. 

Here’s how the process works to create the Sentiment pieces. The Bickerton-Grace Gallery expertly separated my full-size painting into carefully crafted pieces.

In progress: Sentiment 9.

Each piece is then mounted on a 24 carat-gold leaf glazed base, framed by a bespoke black wood frame, measuring 5 x 5”. They’re numbered and come in a gift box with a picture of the full-size painting.

Sentiment 4, ready to go.

In these anxious times it’s wonderful knowing that these gifts of art can connect people with a love of art because the pieces can be sent anywhere in the world. 

With each piece arriving in a gift box, costing £50 plus P&P, it’s hardly more than a lovely bouquet. And it’s a lasting gift.

Sentiment 5.

I’ve been asked how I felt about having my painting separated into the small pieces. At first, I felt conflicted. After all, I pour my heart and soul into each painting. I use techniques where I go back repeatedly to a painting adding additional layers of paint with feathers, sponges, my fingertips, sandpaper and other implements. It takes hours and hours.

Also I create my paintings based on the most intimate stories people have shared with me, so it felt like the painting should stay intact. However, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a wonderful idea for this challenging day and age.

Art takes me out of myself. Whatever you find takes you out of yourself, for a moment away from your daily stresses and strains, that’s a great thing to keep doing! 

We all need some escapism. Maybe during lock-down you found something creative that gave you some escape. Keep doing it, it’s good for your emotional and mental health.

The two galleries on my website – – are now up and running: ​  

Please do feel to get in touch about commissions:

Find Dr Pam on Twitter and Insta:@drpamspurr

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