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Andrea Di Giovanni is an established artist who has been writing songs for nearly five years. His Instagram bio describes him as being not only a performer, but also an LGBTQ+ activist, something that is strongly reflected in his music.

Andrea is the artist behind many innovative tracks such as “Our Own Way”, “Drowning”, “Wild Romance” and “Shame Resurrection”. More of Andrea’s music can be found on his Spotify page.

The London-based Italian artist has made quite an impact on the UK’s queer music scene, especially with the video of his latest release “Bang”. He made sure that different personalities from London’s LGBTQ scene were included in his club-night inspired video; in fact, he always makes a point of honouring his community, explaining “I will always try to bring talented underground performers into the spotlight, they deserve it so much and I’m happy to give them the opportunity.”

Andrea’s inspiration often comes from serious and difficult issues related to the LGBTQ community. The track Forbidden Love”, for example, is inspired by the appalling gay purges in Chechnya. He also takes a cue from his day to day life, people he meets, stories he hears, and “the Di Giovanni touch” as he describes it.

Andrea’s biggest goal is to be heard and to effect change, something he is already accomplishing by being his natural outspoken self. He clearly lives to perform as much as he possibly can, to meet people and to create unapologetic and iconic art. We can all agree that he’s off to a great start; his music is unique and a genuinely inspiring take on what LGBTQ pride truly means.

Nevertheless, establishing yourself as an LGBTQ artist comes with its downside. “Discrimination is there though frequently silent, which in my opinion is even worse”, he explains.

“All I want is to be able to be my truest self without having to even think about compromise. I still feel we, as queer artists, are not taken as seriously as our straight counterparts and that must change because it’s unfair. There’s not enough diversity in UK’s music industry, and I’d especially like to see more trans and gender non-conforming artists being represented in the mainstream.

Even though Andrea is already part of the change, he believes there is much more to be done:

“I would eliminate numbers. Damn, people are so obsessed and fixated on figures. There are so many great artists considered “not enough” simply because they don’t have millions of streams, yet their music is way more exciting and interesting than those who are constantly in the charts.”

We have a feeling that this is not the last we’ll hear about the quite incredible Andrea Di Giovanni.



Andrea made us a list of his top five songs for spring:

Bang – Andrea Di Giovanni : My favourite song of mine so far



Wiser – Jesse St John : This song helps when my anxiety and depression go a bit crazy on me



Special – Ashnikko : Empowering song; lyrics on point, I mean it doesn’t get better than ‘eat my pussy like its lunch’


Flamboyant – Dorian Electra : Dorian are a beacon of light and inspiration and this song represents my way of life


Elements – CHINCHILLA : A bop by a fierce artist about to take the world by storm


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