Yesterday’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK episode’s sewing challenge revealed the most creative queens with some drag artists, notably Blu Hydrangea and winner of this week’s maxi challenge, Divina De Campo  standing out from the crowd.

Divina de Campo won this week’s maxi challenging by making this look from scratch!

Unfortunately, the sewing challenge would be the one to dispatch Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’s legend Vinegar Strokes.

Crystal sewed a beautiful corset gown but, perhaps more interestingly, Crystal has also been noticeably outspoken, especially regarding body hair.

In a series of Instagram posts, Crystal shared her personal thoughts on what showing body hair as a drag performer means to her. The “Bitch of Shoreditch” went on to explain, after briefly discussing it on last night’s episode, that in her view gender is a social construct.

As a person who’s attended many drag shows in East London, I remember when Crystal used to be called “Crystal Beth”, a name that I always thought hilariously smart. Many people thought her name had to be changed to make it politically correct for TV. However, the Canadian East Londoner has also opened up on Instagram about changing her name to simply “Crystal”, as Crystal Beth is obviously a nod to crystal meth addiction, something Crystal does not endorse.

I had never thought about her name as a way of glamourising addiction, but one can only agree that the decision of shortening her drag name was a wise decision, showing Crystal’s growth as a drag performer. Crystal stands out because she is not afraid to speak out about important issues, whether  it’s on TV or in a long post on social media. We love a queen that connects with their audience!


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