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Known for its many islands and some of the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean, Croatia’s popularity continues to rise. But where should you visit if you’re gay and happy to show it? Here are some of the most LGBT-friendly spots where you can relax while visiting this Adriatic gem. From the best gay beaches to dreamy coves and busy nightclubs, get ready for a gay Croatia adventure. 



This place is beautiful for many reasons, not least this ancient walled city’s 16th century stone walls. As you enter through the Pile gate, you will be transported to a wonderful fairytale dreamscape perfect for a romantic getaway. Make sure to add some culture to your trip between the beach visits and hit Dubrovnik Aquarium and the Maritime Museum before you retire to your hotel facing the Adriatic Sea. For some good old gay fun, hit Lokrum Island located about 10 minutes from Dubrovnik by boat. This is a huge gay hotspot and one of the best gay beaches in Europe—it’s definitely the beach gay Croatia should be proud of! 


Kasjuni beach.

This sweet provincial town is blessed with the stunning Diocletian’s Palace. Erected in the fourth century, it’s one of the best-known cultural spots in Croatia. Make sure to visit the Croatian National Theatre and the Split Music Festival in summer. Split is quite gay-friendly and is the second city in the country to have its own pride parade after Zagreb. If you want to concentrate on beach life, visit Duilovo Beach. While you won’t be able to get rid of your tan line here, you will find a great cruising spot nearby, so it’s a solid gay beach. Kasjuni Beach is also good for cruising if you want a change of scenery. 


Hvar. Nice, isn’t it.

Just a quick boat ride from Split, the Island of Hvar on the Dalmatian coast is a beautiful spot perfect for yachting and other sea adventures. Hvar is the ideal place to visit if you need real rest and some rejuvenation in the sun. You can fill your time with relaxing hikes up to Španjola Fortress with a small eatery at the top to replenish your strength, but make sure to do some boating so you can hit hidden beaches and explore pristine coves of Hvar and surrounding islands. If you really want to sail in style, you can always find super-sleek RIB boats for sale and attract the attention of the crowd as you zoom over the water. Your boat will be perfect for visiting Jerolim Island, the most popular gay hot spot with an even more popular rocky gay nude beach.  


The main square in Zagreb.

If you have time to set aside from all the fun you’ll be having at coastal Croatia, make sure to visit the capital where the gay community is thriving. Zagreb has numerous men-only saunas where you can relax after exploring the city and checking out its nightlife. You can spend a day or two soaking up the city’s main attractions and then hit the gay bars downtown. Zagreb also has a pretty sweet gay nude beach at Jarun Lake when you need to cool off. In the meantime, make sure to have some fun at the Museum of Broken Relationships which is a pretty interesting spot that showcases failed relationships and the mess they left behind (maybe you even learn something! )

Croatia isn’t as LGBT-friendly as it could potentially be, but it’s certainly making great strides (it was ranked 17th for overall LGBTQ rights out of 49 observed countries in Europe, according to International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association). The country has an active gay scene and many gay beaches which, along with rich history and natural beauties, make this a noteworthy destination for your next summer gay vacation. 

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