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Saving money is something we are taught from a young age and is a principle we take far into our adult lives. Spending only what we have and being mindful of our monthly income and outgoings is a common practice seen in all corners of the country. 

With the last year being some of the most financially straining for many people, there is no doubt that some out there will be tightening their belts as we make our way into the latter half of the year and beyond. The idea of going on holiday and exploring the world is off the cards, or so they would think.

There are ways to explore and travel the world, even while on a strict budget, and that is where we come into things. Detailed below is a guide noting what you should consider when toying with the idea of travelling but feeling held back by your budget. 

Invest in Adequate Travel Insurance.

No matter the length of your holiday or where you choose to venture, you must ensure that you have travel insurance or something similar to protect you while exploring the world. Taking out a travel insurance policy would ensure that you are not out of pocket should your holiday be cancelled or disrupted in any way, much like the disruption we have experienced throughout the last fourteen months. 

At the same time, travel insurance policies will ensure that you can access any necessary healthcare or treatment should you need it. Again, without the risk of financial difficulties, should you need medical attention in countries where healthcare is notorious for being costly. 

Companies like Staysure currently have an offer on annual travel insurance policies; worth considering and exploring if you intend to travel as much as you can next year. You certainly would not be alone, for we are tempted to travel as much as we can once things allow! 

Explore Accommodation Options.

In an ideal world, we would choose to stay in a five-star resort at any given moment. The experience and customer service you enjoy in these types of establishments are unmatched but are not the be-all and end-all of accommodation. Naturally, where you can stay and what options are on offer to you would greatly depend on your holiday destination. 

If you are on a particularly stringent budget, consider staying in hostels and cheaper accommodation to make your money go further. At the same time, some places might offer some discount or free stays based on how long you book for. Consider both of these options, and we feel confident you will find something that fits perfectly with your budget in no time. 

Eating Out.

A favourite pastime of many reading this and beyond, but one that can be costly if done repeatedly. This is not to say that you are not allowed to eat out during your holiday; it is simply about having some self-control. Opting for self-catering accommodation will enable you to cook for yourself and others in your party on some nights while also giving yourself the chance to explore the local cuisine and all it has to offer.

Choosing specific nights to eat out and taking food with you on any daily excavations and explorations you might be embarking on will ensure that your budget remains low but without you missing out. What more could you want? 

Overall, we hope this piece has shed some light on what you can do moving forward when wanting to explore the world but finding yourself restricted by the available funds you have. You needn’t miss out; the world is your oyster! 

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