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MARCUS_01The gay contestant on the TV talent suffered a torrent or racist and homosexual abuse after a late night phone call abusing him.


At 2.30am on Tuesday morning his phone rang, Mr Collins believed it was a friend who was out in town until the caller began to speak.

A source said: “The voice on the other end of the line was just full of hate and spewed all sorts of racist and anti-gay abuse.

“He was saying, ‘You don’t deserve to be on the show.  Who do you think you are?’ and calling him every name under the sun.”

Marcus fears that the caller may be someone he knows from his home town of Liverpool.  Producers told the singer to call the police but he refused to.

The source said: “He has an idea of who it might have been and is going to find out if his hunch is correct.”

Marcus is the only male singer remaining in the competition and is one of the favourites to win this years show.

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