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Coming out of your shell to push your sexual boundaries can be an intimidating experience for many women…but it needn’t be. By using various tools, toys and techniques, you can become more sexually liberated and begin to enjoy the body you have been gifted with. Read on to discover six enticing tips that you can use to enable you to increase your sexual prowess and get to know your body more intimately.

Why sexuality Is so important

Sexuality isn’t only about with whom you have sexual relations or how frequently you have sex. Your sexual sensations, thoughts, desires, and behaviour towards other people are all part of your sexual identity. You might be attracted to others aesthetically, sexually, or mentally, and all of these qualities are components of your sexuality. Your sexuality is unique to you, and it’s an integral part of who you are. The discovery of your sexual identity can be an exciting and liberating experience. Due to societal constraints, many women tend to be less sexually liberated, but fortunately, this is changing. With the advent of new ways of thinking and toys that allow you to experience pleasure to the nth degree, you now have no excuse not to explore your sexuality to the fullest. As such, what are some of your options for letting go and enjoying your body?

Play with toys

Sex toys are a great way to see your limits when reading sexuality. Some prefer gentle, others prefer hard, but the only way to find out is to buy some toys and get playing! The best thing to do is invest in something involving clitoral stimulation before you head out and get the most enormous dildo you can imagine. Most women gain a stronger orgasm through clitoral stimulation than penetration alone. Fortunately, many toys cater to this requirement and allow you to get your sexual fix. Satisfyer toys are one such example and have been specially designed to use air pressure rather than vibration, which can be beneficial to those starting out. Nonetheless, you can use almost any device set up to create powerful orgasms. If you are brand new in the world of sex toys, you should start slowly. But once you get a bit more experienced, you can begin to add in other toys, including penetrative ones, further enhancing the experience.

Look at yourself naked

Some women may feel that they can never reach their full sexual potential because they are too self-conscious. Looking at yourself naked in a mirror is a great way to learn about your body and begin to love yourself. After all, how can you know what you really want and what feels good sexually if you don’t know what’s down there, to begin with? The easiest way to see how you genuinely appear is to use a hand mirror. Don’t be too harsh on yourself since vaginas come in many forms and sizes. Consider the entire area, as well as your clitoris, and learn to love who you are and how you appear.

Learn self pleasure

Masturbation is an art form that needs much practice to master. Luckily, this is one of the few things in life where the practice is actually fun! The main issue for some women is that they have been raised in such a way to consider self-pleasure as something dirty and taboo. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who deny themselves the fruits of their own body will never truly enjoy any sexual experience that presents itself. You should consider allowing yourself the freedom to masturbate whenever you feel like it. Although this may seem similar to the first point, you should begin by using your fingers to navigate the various folds and crevices of your vagina, as well as the temperature change as your feelings of pleasure start to heighten. Developing sexual self-confidence will happen as you understand how your body reacts and what makes you feel good.

Watch porn

Porn can open up a whole new way of thinking about sex that you never imagined. When you first begin this process, it is probably best to stay away from some of the more extreme aspects of this world until you have gained some confidence. For instance, you can search for romantic pornographies to understand your feelings when watching them. Once you have had some practice, you can search for more exciting variations. Suppose you really want to discover the possibilities open to you. In that case, you can always watch porn that involves several people, anal play, and a raft of other exciting and interesting subgenres but – please – make sure you watch the ethical stuff and nothing that involves real-life abuse or coercion.

Buy sexy clothes

While you can certainly head directly for the sexy nurse’s uniform if that’s your thing, this point is mainly geared towards real-life attire that makes you feel sexy and empowered. Try something pretty or sexy out, or shop online. Choose something you are attracted to and enjoy. A variety of options are available, including pretty nightgowns and lace-topped stockings. Let go of any concerns about your appearance and go wild. If you are dressing up for a partner, you can surprise them and see their reaction. Conversely, you can simply dress sexily for a girl’s night out to get the attention of other attractive suitors.  You will never be able to have the sexual relationship you deserve if you keep making excuses not to do it.

Take up a sexy hobby

A hobby is always good to have. A sexy hobby is even better! Signing up for a pole dancing or erotic dancing class can do wonders for your sexuality. Being in touch with your body and feeling more in harmony with yourself is one of the main benefits of these hobbies. Additionally, they are usually a fantastic workout, so you can slip in some cardiovascular exercise while looking and feeling sexy at the same time!

Your body is something unique that needs to be nurtured to get the most from it. If you are the type who feels sexually repressed, you should try some of the tips in this post. From practicing self-love to understanding what your body looks like, there are many things you can do to feel and act sexier.

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