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The singer has shared how he became addicted to sex, porn and alcohol as he struggled to cope with the ‘shame’ of his sexuality and how he now wants to help others.

Speaking as part of a panel discussion about mental health at National Student Pride in London on Saturday the Pop Idol winner spoke candidly about his sexuality and his commitment to fight homophobic bullying in schools.

Having tried putting pressure on politicians he says: “I’ve had two meetings with two different education secretaries,” specifically addressing the use of the word ‘gay’. However, after his encounter with Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, he says he “came away incredibly disappointed.”

Young stated: “The problem with homophobic language is that in schools it is simply not being addressed. My prime focus now is young LGBT rights and I think what lies beneath that is people just don’t think it’s an issue.”

He lamented: “The only conclusion that I can draw is that she doesn’t give a s**t about it.

“It breaks my heart that there are going to be more and more generations of young LGBT people that are going to continue to have a lack of nurture and have this internalised shame which can be changed within the education system.”

He then announced that he would be picketing the politician until she gives answers and takes action in schools to help young LGBT people live openly and freely.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said Young was “utterly wrong” to suggest the department was “anything other than completely committed to supporting young LGBT people, and to ensure they can go to a school where they are happy, able to be themselves and fulfil their potential.”

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