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The pop star opens up about the homophobic abuse he’s endured since he publicly came out.

Actor, singer and activist Will Young has opened up about the homophobic abuse he has suffered since he became famous.

In a new interview with the i, Will revealed that he has endured threats of gang violence, as well as verbal abuse.

“I’ve had to run away from knife threats, hide in shops. I’ve also taken people on.”

He described a specific incident in Oxford when other members of the public helped defend him from thugs.

“The whole of the street turned against them and I think that was a palpable sign of how it’s simply not tolerated now.”

He also discussed his concerns for young LGBT people dealing with homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying:

“If you’re bullied for, let’s say, religion or race or even gender, then hopefully there might be some sanctuary at home. That’s not true for LGBT people because quite often there’s a shame of coming out at home.”

He added:

“People [who bully] just need to be educated, they don’t need to be punished.”

Will Young’s new podcast, billed as an LGBT version of Woman’s Hour, is available now at

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