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willyoungnewWill Young has given an exclusive interview to leading gay monthly magazine Out in the City about his new work, touring and life as a single man. Ten years ago Will Young won the first series of Pop Idol, and has since enjoyed an enduring career as one of the most successful TV talent show winners.

Most recently his latest album, Echoes, entered the UK album charts at number one and he is currently in the middle of a 23-date UK tour. However, he talked candidly about the fact that he has faced difficulties in getting his new music heard. 

“Radio one haven’t played my music in four years,” he said. “In any industry, it does come down to those people who control the traditional conduits and channels of communication to the public.  The mainstream.  You can’t do anything about that, so I’m really thankful to the people who have decided to play me”.

Will also revealed that he is currently single, but is, “always on the lookout… I oscillate from being quite content on my own to thinking it would be nice to meet someone.  I guess I don’t want to get too content on my own, because then that would probably be it and I’d be happy to stay that way!”

“Will Young is one of the UK’s most popular pop stars, and also regarded by many gay men as a role model,” said Out In The City editor David Hudson, who chatted to Young in the middle of his current UK tour. “Not only does he remain grateful for – and humbled by – his success, but he’s clearly relishing his current album’s success and the opportunity to showcase it on tour. It was a pleasure to chat with him.”

‘Come On’ and Echoes are out now.  Will Young will be performing at the London Palladium on December 12.

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