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Hundreds of innocent people including rape victims and Saudis who are secretly gay have had their private information exposed by WikiLeaks.

The notorious whistleblowing website regularly openly publishes data it obtains from government cables and emails.

WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange, was originally set up to expose questionable actions by governments worldwide. It is famed for publishing diplomatic documents leaked by Chelsea Manning when she was in the U.S. Army, for which she has been imprisoned.

Saudi Arabia is known for harshly treating people who identify as LGBT. Punishments can range anywhere from fines, to flogging, to a death sentence.

Among those exposed is a Saudi man, who has been identified as having been detained for “sexual deviation,” the formal charge for homosexuality. Now, many fear for the man’s safety.

A number of rape victims and people living with HIV are also identified in the mass data dump.

According to the AP, the accounts also identify patients with psychiatric disorders and young victims of sexual assault.

“Three Saudi cables published by WikiLeaks identified domestic workers who’d been tortured or sexually abused by their employers, giving the women’s full names and passport numbers,” the AP reports. “One cable named a male teenager who was raped by a man while abroad; a second identified another male teenager who was so violently raped his legs were broken; a third outlined the details of a Saudi man detained for “sexual deviation” — a derogatory term for homosexuality.”

WikiLeaks has not commented.

Its head, Julian Assange, is still taking refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London after going into hiding there to avoid facing rape allegations made by a woman in Sweden.



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