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DIVA magazine is launching its first ever annual Power List, and are asking for your nominations!

There are still too few examples of happy, successful fulfilled lesbians in the public eye – on television, radio, in sport, or even covered in broadsheet newspapers – that people can identify with.

A list of smart, talented, creative and ambitious people can make all the difference for those who experience homophobia and transphobia. As well as celebrities the list also honours those in the community who work behind the scenes, or campaign with little acknowledgement.

Being LGBTI today is still tough. Despite great strides in equality legislation, many people are still scared to come out, or fear that being gay will hold them back both personally and professionally.

Criteria for the DIVA Power List are the actions taken to influence and enact positive change across our community.

Who do you consider a ‘power lesbian, bi and queer woman – cis, trans and intersex ?

Visit and tell us who you think deserves a place on the list.

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