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It’s undeniable that even the most resilient among us have experienced a certain degree of stress, anxiety and heartache during the pandemic. Even those of us who have escaped illness and bereavement have been estranged from friends and family, faced financial uncertainty and – for many LGBTQ+ people –  had to deal with isolation and loneliness like never before. We need to focus on wellness!

With the UK vaccine roll-out going well and a bright, optimistic light at the end of what has been a long and dark tunnel, summer 2021 is an opportunity to press the reset button and start the healing process that we need as individuals, a community and a nation. 

Some of us will mark the end of lockdown with some serious partying – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But common sense tells us that a calmer and more relaxed approach to our wellbeing is likely to deliver the mental wellness benefits that are so important.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with Soul Pride, a beautifully curated, weekend long retreat festival for LGBTQ+ people which is designed to support the spiritual and physical needs of our community.


Taking place in luscious woodland at the Wasing Park Estate, Berkshire, from 8th – 12th July, Soul Pride offers a wide range of activities including health and wellness workshops, wellbeing talks, fitness, yoga and Pilates during the day, all delivered by expert practitioners. And for those looking for something a little livelier, every evening features cabaret, spoken word, circus acts, live music, DJs and woodland dancing.

Soul Pride is the brainchild of the Wonderment Groups Creative Director Chris Fitchew. He explains, “We’re delighted to announce Soul Pride will take place in person this year. We know the more we nurture our mind, body and soul through meditation, mental health support, yoga, fitness, spiritual exploration and healthy nutritious food, the more we will rise out of our caged emotions.

“In a world divided, we must come together and unite in our common goal – to support one another, care for one another and have empathy and compassion for everyone’s individual success and challenges, taking lessons from the gift of stillness and reflection.

“Soul Pride is an opportunity for us to bond together in community and nature and provides a safe space to own our LGBTQIA stripes, badges and wings with full force. To enjoy a sense of belonging and give us the armour and permission to return to who we really are.” 

“Let us ALL have pride in our soul.”


Soul Pride Retreat Festival ‘Early Bird’ tickets are on sale and can be purchased here.

Soul Pride also boasts a wonderful “Angel Sponsorship” scheme, giving those who are financially able the opportunity to donate the gift of a free ticket to someone who might otherwise be unable to attend. bv

Covid safe.

A comprehensive COVID-19 protocol will be in place including track and trace, temperature checks on arrival, social distancing workshops and dining and ample washing and sanitising stations located across the site. Soul Pride will be working with the venue and local authority to ensure any additional measures in place in July 2021 will be adhered to. 

Want to know more? Visit today!

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