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It may not come as too much of a surprise that the OutNewsGlobal sex section is one of the most popular parts of this website. Go figure! So, as we embark upon Masturbation May (no, we didn’t make that up – it’s definitely a thing) we couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to tell you that the brilliant Poppy Scarlett Lepora has joined the team as our Sex & Relationships Editor. We just know you’re going to love her.

As well as holding a degree in journalism, Poppy is a pleasure educator and masturbation activist, which is among our most favourite types of activist. She’s also a polyamorous, bisexual woman who’s dedicated to helping people speak more honestly about their sexual desires and dismantling the stigma that still surrounds masturbation in the UK. 

I think we could all do with a little more pleasure in our lives and I’m hoping to bring just that to OutNewsGlobal readers.”

As if this weren’t enough, Poppy is also the owner of Self & More, the UK’s sex-positive toy shop. They stock a curated selection of body-safe sex toys and their website is free from gender labels, because pleasure has no gender! They’re on a mission to normalise masturbation and help people to experience pleasure unapologetically. 

Self & More also includes educational content centred around pleasure from voices across the sexuality and ability spectrum. With an educational, no-nonsense approach to sex and masturbation, they empower people to have better sex with themselves and others. Their Pleasur_Ed blog also hosts educational guides to help equip people with both the language and the tools needed to lead a pleasureful sex life.

Self & More has firmly set itself as a place for people to talk openly about what gives them pleasure with zero judgement.

Speaking about her new role, Poppy said, “As a proud bisexual woman I’m delighted to be working with Out News Global as Sex and Relationships Editor. I think we could all do with a little more pleasure in our lives and I’m hoping to bring just that to OutNewsGlobal readers.”

OutNewsGlobal Editor Rob Harkavy added, “I couldn’t be more thrilled that Poppy is joining the team. Even in this day and age, sex can still be viewed with embarrassment and shame and that shouldn’t be the case for anyone. OutNewsGlobal has always been proudly sex positive and Poppy’s values on sex, sexuality and sex-positivity align firmly with our own. I can’t wait to see the amazing content she’s undoubtedly going to bring to OutNewsGlobal.

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Check out the brilliant Self & More website here.

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