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The company agrees to compensate married same-sex employees for past medical bills.

Walmart has agreed to pay out millions of dollars after a class-action lawsuit claimed the superstore denied spousal health insurance benefits to couples in same-sex marriages.

The company recently agreed to the payout to settle the lawsuit brought forward by Jacqueline Cote in July 2015.

Diana Smithson, who is married to Cote, was also a Walmart employee when she left the company to care for Cote’s ill mother. During that time, Smithson was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The couple spent more than $150,000 on treatment after Smithson was denied coverage under Cote’s insurance plan.

Two years ago, Walmart changed their policy, but failed to offer compensation for those who already paid nominal fees in healthcare.

They argued that the policy discriminated against gay employees, which federal law prohibits based on sex, religion, race and national origin.

Sally Welborn, a senior vice president of Walmart says the company is happy both sides came together to reach a solution.

“We will continue to not distinguish between same- and opposite-sex spouses when it comes to the benefits we offer under our health insurance plan,” she said.

Cote expressed she was happy the case was settled.

Walmart Jacqueline Cote

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