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SuperdrugHigh-street chemist Superdrug have started offering customers a new walk-in HIV screening service in thirteen stores across the UK, reported the Pink Paper.

The test offered is called the ‘InstiTest.’ It will use a fingertip blood sample to obtain results. The test gives an indication of a result and the patient will then require a confirmation of a positive reaction through further tests at their local GUM clinic with an HIV specialist.

The test costs just £79 and the patient receives an indication of their HIV status in 60 seconds with 99.96% accuracy.

Before the test the pharmacist and customer will discuss the process in a private consulting room in the store, before the pharmacist establishes informed consent for the test.

Rob Haines, Superdrug’s head of pharmacy said: “Although HIV remains rare it is something that our customers worry about.  This simple test can give a clear indication of the virus, and offering this on the high street will help those who don’t want to visit a sexual health clinic gain the information they need.”

Pharmacists in the following stores will be offering the service; Aberdeen, Stirling, Liverpool, Newport, Telford, Beeston, Bristol, Beckenham, Barking, Clapham, Elephant & Castle, Canterbury, Kilburn.

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