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walmartAn ex-employee of Wal-Mart who was sacked for homophobically abusing another staff member has lost her court case against the retail giant.

Tanisha Matthews, who calls herself an Apostolic Christian, sued the US retail giant for race and religious discrimination under provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Matthews was dismissed from her job after telling an openly gay colleague that she would “go to hell” and should “not be on this earth”.

A court in Illinois last week ruled in favour of Wal-Mart, stating: “If Matthews is arguing that Wal-Mart must permit her to admonish gays at work to accommodate her religion, the claim fails.”

“Moreover, Wal-Mart fired her because she violated company policy when she harassed a coworker, not because of her beliefs, and employers need not relieve workers from complying with neutral workplace rules as a religious accommodation if it would create an undue hardship.”

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