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Is Brexit driving you bananas? Is your work/life balance up sh*t creek? Do you want to stop the world so you can get off? Are you a snowflake who keeps getting ‘triggered’ by MERE WORDS?

NEVER FEAR! Vera Dundee is back on OutNews Global.

She last appeared on the UK’s favourited LGBTQ features website over a month ago, at which point she disappeared off the OutNews Global radar. Emails bounced back, her mobile rang out, and her landline was continually answered by a rather gruff gentleman with an unmistakable Scots burr, who repeatedly told us that he had never heard of someone called Vera Dundee.

Folks, we have to admit that we thought she was a goner but, sadly, she is still with us. Our loss is your loss too, so sit back and watch this video.

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