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Modern businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their image. They want to find innovative ways to help market themselves better, making them a top choice for clients to work with and employees to work for.

Achieving this goal can require a business to invest in various core areas such as finance, marketing and customer support. All three of these areas can make a noticeable difference to the company’s success. Another factor contributing to a company’s image and success is its employees. How an employee feels within a company can impact their productivity levels, which affects the accomplishments of a business.

One way to help employees feel valued is to ensure that you have adequate facilities to work in. They also provide employees with areas to go to on their breaks. There is likely to be a few employees in each office that smoke, so having a place where they can go can be beneficial.

A reported 6.9 million adults smoke cigarettes in the UK. A significant portion of adult smokers will likely be working in offices across the country. Some will be using a vape to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Modern businesses across the UK should integrate a space for employees who smoke. One option worth considering is to create a vaping shelter.

There are numerous reasons why modern businesses should consider creating vape shelters for their employees; here are a few of them.

Weather protection

A challenge for those who smoke or use a vape is using it outside. When it is raining, those that smoke will often hide away from the elements hiding under sheltered areas surrounding the building. The building’s shelter is usually located at the entrance of the office. Those that smoke will often congregate here when it is raining. The issue with this is that it can be an unpleasant experience for other employees as they will have to walk through the group of people smoking to get into the building. They might find the smell of smoke unpleasant or affect those with asthma.

Having a space for your employees to go to enables the entranceway to your office to be cleared. Your employees who use a vape will have a space they can go to, which protects them from the unpredictable British weather.

With more people switching to vaping, companies should consider investing in spaces for employees who use a vape on their breaks

Clean surroundings

First impressions are crucial. An individual’s appearance can form the foundation of how others perceive them. It is why many business owners will dress in reasonably formal attire. They want others to perceive them as a figure of authority who makes effective business decisions. When clients come to the office to visit, they want to create this strong impression during their first meeting.

This perception is also applicable to the exterior and the surrounding grounds of a company’s office building. When clients visit an office for the first time, the first thing they will see about a company is the exterior of its offices. If the ground outside your office building’s doors is littered with cigarette ends or groups of employees standing around smoking, it can create a negative first impression for clients. The smell of cigarette smoke can be off-putting, having to walk past a group of people can be unsettling, and the unkept ground can impact a client’s impression of the business.

Creating a vaping shelter for employees can help reduce the litter outside the office building. It can encourage employees to make the switch to using a vape. There will be fewer cigarette ends outside the building doors. There will be no groups loitering outside to make it difficult for clients to enter.

City councils are helping

City councils are beginning to look at ways to help smokers quit smoking. The reason behind this is the broader costs smoking causes. Although it can severely impact the wallets of those who smoke, it also affects healthcare costs due to admissions for smoking-related issues. 

Cities like Oxford are getting tougher on smoking by welcoming alternatives such as vaping.

It is not just Oxford embracing vaping. Numerous other cities across the UK have already welcomed vaping due to the benefits to smokers and the wider community. This trend is expected to continue in the years to come, with vaping becoming one of the most popular ways to quit smoking.

Each year, the total of people that use a vape continues to rise. With more people switching to vaping, companies should consider investing in spaces for employees who use a vape on their breaks. Creating vape shelters for employees is an excellent way for modern businesses to show their team that they care. It also enables them to get ahead of cities embracing vaping.

Building a vape shelter

Investing in a vaping shelter can be worthwhile. Vaping shelters come in a vast selection of designs, shapes, and colours. If businesses want to improve the visual appearance of their company’s ground, investing in a unique looking vaping shelter could be a unique feature, making the business look more modern.

Business owners should be inclusive to their employees who smoke whilst being considerate towards those who do not. Investing in a vaping shelter can provide a space for employees that vape to go. It allows non-smoking employees not to have to walk through people gathered outside office doors smoking. It will help keep employees who do not smoke satisfied, which will likely be noticeable in their productivity and overall performance.

A final perk to building a vaping shelter is modernising your company’s premises. It will be appealing to recruit new team members and welcome clients into the office. It can help to create a solid first impression. This will can be tremendously beneficial for the business overall. It means they will likely recruit talented team members to help their business grow and bring new business to the company. Both of which help to keep the business running successfully for longer.

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